The role of the Slavs within the Byzantine empire, 500-1018


Michael David Graebner


(Published with the author's permission)


A Ph.D. thesis. Written under the direction of Professor Peter Charanis of the Department of History

Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, New Jersey January, 1975


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        Table of contents

      Abstract of the thesis Acknowledgments

      A terminological and orthographical note Transliteration chart Abbreviations


1. Introduction

2. Prelude — Byzantium and the Slavs during the era of migrations

3. The Slavs within Byzantium — the initial stages

4. Slavic personalities in the Byzantine empire

5. Byzantinization — the Slavs in Asia Minor

6. Semi-autonomy, the Slavs in Byzantine Europe

7. Postlude — traces of the Slavs within Byzantium

8. Summary and conclusions





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