A book on Macedonia. Travels and Research (1925-1927)


Ludwig Kuba

Drawings by the Author Ludwig Kuba


Mosaic Publications, New Delhi

First English edition 1981


Scans (36.9 Mb) by the "Strumski" librabry


Contents List of pictures (from the original Czech edition of 1932)

1. In Ohrid and its Vicinities

    Tale One   In Ohrid   Lake Ohrid   Jemmo Birdianin's Chinar   A Fire in Strouga   From Ohrid to Bitolja   Lake Prespa


2. In Krali Marko's Land

    Prillep, Krali Marko's Birthplace   Marko's Town   On Treskavets


3. The Migrant Workers

    An Outing to Smilevo   Up Towards Galichnik   Galichnik


4. A Week of Weddings in Galichnik

    St. Peter's Day   The Weddings Begin   Fetching Water for the Parents for the Last Time   The Bride   Of the Wedding and During the Wedding


5. Vardar Outlines

    The Contested Zone   Skoplje   Market Day—The Weekly Market   St. Archangel's Patron Saint's Day   Skoplje Cherna Gora   The Land of the Monasteries


6. Among Nature

    The Foal   The Buffalo   Between Eagles and Donkeys


7. At Work

    Songs  —  The Artists Grievances and Idle Chats


8. Miscellaneous

    A Soap and a Towel  —  Macedonia and the Novaks  —  Macedonia


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