Животът на източнотракийските българи в техните песни и разкази

Панайот Маджаров


Panayot Madzarov






The book is part of the author's many year studies on the life and folklore of the refugees in East Thracia, settled in the South-East part of Bulgaria after their exiling from their birthplace in 1913.


The fourteen studies involve the following subjects:


— belief in destiny, augurs and predictions;

— love to literature and teaching;

— humour and humorous;

— celebration horos order;

— relations between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law;

— child adoption;

— belief and ideas of black death;

— folk stories and songs of haidouk robbers an haidouks;

— [the] kurdjali [leader] Indje Stoian;

— [the] Turkish-Russian war and the fate of Bulgarians of East Thracia;

— fate of the refugees in some villages in the district of Malko Turnovo;

— affairs and betrayals in the district of Odrin in 1901;

— Thracian tales;

— fire-dancing;


During each subject elaboration vocal communications and evidences with the examples of songs and otber fork genres were used the stories of the informants speak about people whose hearts, thoughts, feelings and affairs are open to justice, kindness and good thing. They all are united by the ambition of prosperity of their families and tillage communities. The speech in their stories is the same as the speech of their forefathers but also contemporary. They all are narrators with a natural ability. They possess a Bulgarian temper, unity of sober view of things, mercilessness to Lie evil, derisivness, spiritual needs to justice and beauty shown in their work and their entire life behaviour. Their speech is vigorous. They like fight against trite expressions with the impersonal formal words. Their afforatic speech with a precise sharp words delights the ear and turns the listener to his far away family race. The refugees arrived in their childhood or early age to their new place, preserve their own speech, customs, songs and stories.


The historically-oriented studies prove that the drama of the refugees in the Bulgarian lands at the beginning of 20th century is still uninvestigated and unwritten.






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