A history of the First Bulgarian Empire


Steven Runciman  (G. Bell & Sons, London 1930)



Map of Bulgaria during the First Empire

Title page..


dedicated by gracious permission to Boris III, Tsar of the Bulgarians

Book I The children of the Huns

   1. The five sons of King Kubrat

   2. Barbarians in the Balkans


Book II The great powers of Europe

   1. An Emperor’s skull

   2. Excursion into the West

   3. The auction of souls


Book III The two eagles

   1. Emperor of the Bulgars and the Romans

   2. Men of god and men of blood

   3. The end of an empire





   1. Original sources for early Bulgarian history

   2. The Bulgarian Princes’ list

   3. Ernach and Irnik

   4. Christianity among the Slavs before the ninth century

   5. Bulgar titles

   6. The Great fence of Thrace

   7. Leo the Armenian’s successful campaign

   8. Malamir and Presiam

   9. The Cyrillic and Glagolitic alphabets

   10. Symeon’s imperial marriage scheme

   11. Tthe peace of 927 and Peter’s title

   12. The chronology of the Emperor Nicephorus Phocas’s Bulgarian wars


Bibliography:  Abbreviations  —  Original sources  —  Modern works


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