A book on Macedonia. Travels and Research (1925-1927)

Ludwig Kuba


A book on Macedonia. Travels and Research (1925-1927)


Ludwig Kuba


Drawings by the Author Ludwig Kuba


Mosaic Publications , New Delhi



More than 2000 years have passed since then, but the name Macedonia has been preserved in the memory of all mankind. It's territory is not large (approximately 60,000 sq. kilometers). It consisted of valleys of the three major tributaries of the Aegean — Varder, Struma and Mesta and had natural sea and mountain borders. To the east the Rhodopes and Rilla, where to the north Karadag, also called the Skoplje Cherna Gora with the Shar mountain, to west the Albanian mountains and the Greek Pindus and Olympus.


From the ethnographical point of view, Macedonia is a continuous Slavic territory, pierced by small ones are: Turks, Greeks, Albanians, Wallachs, Spanish Jews and Gypsies. The majority of the local Slavs, with the except of an insignificant Serbian colony, have always been considered as a branch of the Bulgarian people.



First English edition 1981


Published by;- Mosaic Publications P.O. Box 3529 New Delhi - 1.10024 India




St. Clement in Ohrid





I. In Ohrid and its Vicinities

Tale One 7

In Ohrid 10

Lake Ohrid 18

Jemmo Birdianin's Chinar 23

A Fire in Strouga 28

From Ohrid to Bitolja 35

Lake Prespa 40


II. In Krali Marko's Land

Prillep. Krali Marko's Birthplace 45

Marko's Town 50

On Treskavets 55


III. The Migrant Workers

An Outing to Smileveo 62

Up Towards Galichnik 68

Galichnik 71


IV. A Week of Weddings in Galichnik

St. Peter's Day 78

The Weddings Begin , 82

Fetching Water for the Parents for the Last Time 85

The Bride 89

Of the Wedding and During the Wedding 94


V. Vardar Outlines

The Contested Zone 98

Skoplje 103

Market Day—The Weekly Market 108

St. Archangel's Patron Saint's Day 117

Skoplje Cherna Gora 122

The Land of the Monasteries 127





VI. Among Nature

The Foal 133

The Buffalo 135

Between Eagles and Donkeys 140


VII. At Work

Songs 145

The Artists Grievances and Idle Chats 158


VIII. Miscellaneous

A Soap and a Towel 163

Macedonia and the Novaks 165

Macedonia 171


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