Come over into Macedonia, Harold B. Allen

Grazing on an upland Macedonian farm A typical village house in eastern Macedonia
We always managed to get through to our destination His confidence won, the Macedonian became an apt pupil The agricultural leader with his kit
A typical village church Blessing the reforested mountainside
Father Hatrides The Metropolitan and the District Governor attend a calf contest
A converted coffee house Library of the open ground
Children naturally gravitate to the playground
A crude native loom The old wooden plow
In Western Macedonia the space under the balcony is enclosed More dangerous than none at all The baby in the fields
Low mud-brick huts are abundant Day nursery luncheon
An unprotected well Before and after The nurse's class
Mothers and children at the well-clinics Makriyalos built us a home
The Future Farmers Club holds a music class Basil Moussouros proudly shows a fine heifer
He would rather work than keep his farm accounts A Future Farmer gets help with his project accounts